eyeWitness featured in top 15 tech solutions transforming humanitarian relief in Africa

eyeWitness to Atrocities, a project funded and initiated by the International Bar Association (IBA), has recently made it onto a list of the top 15 technology solutions transforming the second largest continent in the world – Africa. In a list compiled by the Aid and International Development Forum (AIDF), game-changing technological solutions supporting humanitarian relief and development aid were acknowledged and praised ahead of the upcoming Aid and Development Africa Summit 2017.

The eyeWitness project was commended on its ability to tackle the challenge of verifying photos and videos to help support accountability efforts. Photos and videos that are captured by mobile devices and uploaded to social media sites often do not contain vital information for verification.  Despite raising awareness online of international crimes, the footage is often of little or no use to legal authorities investigating or prosecuting the perpetrators. The eyeWitness app automatically records and stores the information needed to verify the authenticity of the footage. The app’s features  enable footage and verification information to be safeguarded for future investigations and trials, and allow users to retain the ability to share their own copies online. As such the eyeWitness app helps to maximise the potential of digitally captured footage, without compromising the ability of user-generated content to raise awareness of these crimes online.

Featured alongside other innovative tech projects such as Ushahidi’s “the BRCK,” a modem designed to withstand harsh environments, and the MFarm app, which links small-scale farmers to much needed information on market rates for crops, it was a real honour for eyeWitness to be featured with such a wide array of technologies transforming the continent. To read the full featured article, follow the link below to AIDF website.