Juliana Ruhfus

Juliana Ruhfus is the Senior Reporter for Al Jazeera’s ‘People & Power’ investigative and current affairs strand and has been since 2006, when her film on Liberian ex-combatants launched the channel’s programming content. Nearly 40 films later, she has gone undercover both in Turkmenistan and in Cambodian orphanages, produced the five-part ‘Corporations on Trial’ series, and her two-part investigation into the trafficking of Nigerian women into the Italian sex-trade is one of the most watched ‘People & Power’ shows ever. In 2010, her work was awarded with the Ochberg Fellowship and in 2011, she received a scholarship for Harvard’s Global Trauma Program. Since then, she has produced the multi-award winning ‘Pirate Fishing – an Interactive Investigation’, a gamified version of her RTS-nominated documentary. Prior to joining Al Jazeera, Ms Ruhfus worked as a freelance reporter and producer for Channel 4, the BBC, WDR, NHK and other international broadcasters, earning her and her team nominations for the One World Media, Amnesty International and Rory Peck awards. She is a regular speaker at the Centre for Investigative Journalism Summer School in London, the Global Investigative Journalism Conference and the MA course in International Journalism at City University. Outside of television, Ms Ruhfus has worked in an investigative capacity for NGOs and twice as an arms embargo monitor on Somalia for the United Nations Security Council.