Michael J Reynolds

Mr Reynolds is a Partner at Allen & Overy LLP and is based in Brussels where he opened an Allen & Overy office in 1979. He has more than 30 years’ experience in European antitrust law with the firm and has represented major European, American, Japanese and other international clients in a number of important cases before the European Commission (EC) and the European Court of Justice. Additionally, he has advised the Governments of Spain, Russia, Poland and Romania on the application of European Union (EU) law. Mr Reynolds represented Sun Microsystems in its complaint against Microsoft leading to one of the most complex antitrust cases ever brought by the Commission. Over many years, Michael J. Reynolds has held a number of high-level positions at the IBA including President, Vice-President, Secretary-General; Chairman of the Antitrust and Trade Law Committee; Chair of the Legal Practice Division; Co-Chair and founding member of the IBA’s Global Forum on Competition Policy; and European Union Co-ordinator for the IBA. He is also the liaison between the ABA Anti-Trust Section and the IBA.

Mr Reynolds is a Visiting Professor in European Law at the University of Durham and a member of the International Competition Network’s Cartel and Merger Control working groups. He has published a number of articles on themes related to EU Competition Law and has edited two books on EU merger control.